Club History

Riverside City Football Club was founded in 2018 with emphasis on a culture of integrity, passion, perseverance, and commitment in training and competition while using the game of football as a vehicle to build character and teach life lessons through “Family-Football-Feeling.” Our program focuses on the belief that well-rounded individuals can become exceptional players, so we start with a base of work ethic, discipline, commitment, respect, and a positive holistic culture focused approach on sports, academics, and beyond.

Our philosophy is centered around a holistic approach to player development with a positive outlook and personal growth so players can take responsibility for their own development. While winning is part of the process in our club, nurturing and developing a winning and professional attitude is a life development that goes beyond the pitch. We expect ongoing learning, education and development from all of our staff members in order to ensure that our players have the benefit of best-in-class information and resources in teaching and training young athletes.

Today, our club consists of approximately 500 athletes ranging from our entry-level recreational programs to our highly competitive programming from 7-19 years of age. With our professional staff of coaches, Riverside City Football Club has earned recognition for development and player pathway to the highest level and proudly have now become ALBION SC Riverside to offer extended opportunities for players domestically and internationally.


ALBION SC was formed under the Peninsula Soccer League in 1981. ALBION SC was one of the first competitive clubs in San Diego and the top program in San Diego. In the late 80’s early 1990’s many competitive clubs in the area started emerging and heavily competing. In 1998 ALBION SC hired Technical Director, Noah Gins to take over and professionalize the club, develop a club wide curriculum and develop players and teams to play at the highest level in the US. At the time, the club consisted of 6 ALBION SC teams and a large recreational program within PSL.

Looking at the present... The club has 120 plus teams, 800 plus players representing the Albion Junior Program, a full blown Recreational program and has played in 12 National Championship games and being crowned National Champion in 2019, won almost every major event in the US, developed over 20 National Team players, many MLS Player and put hundreds and hundreds of players into College on over 50 million dollars in Soccer Scholarships to date. The club represents some of the best soccer in the country and has one of the most prolific coaching staffs within youth soccer. The club is progressively looking at ways to advance the club and the players and will continue to push to higher levels moving forward.  The standards of excellence that the club has set is a bar that only few can achieve in this country.  ALBION SC will continue to make history as it paves the way in youth soccer.